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Co-Location Bandwidth

  • Cisco powered network with 7200 series routers
  • 10Mb or 100Mb switched Fast Ethernet connection on a dedicated VLAN to Cisco Catalyst 5500 switches
  • Cisco firewall filters setup according to your specifications and needs
  • Multi-homed redundant Internet connections to multiple backbones plus private peering relationships
  • Traffic usage statistics updated every 5 minutes viewable with any web browser
  • Unlimited IP address assignment based on justifiable need


Internet Bandwidth*


Connection Speed Speed
10Mbit Switched Full Duplex Ethernet 10Mbit/s
100Mbit Switched Full Duplex Ethernet 100Mbit/s
~ Please call or email us for pricing ~

Bandwidth is measured in kilobits per second based on the 95th percentile. We measure based on bits in or bits out whichever is higher. Bandwidth usage bills will lag behind co-location bills by one month. Minimum monthly charge of $100 for bandwidth.

*All bandwidth pricing based on annual contract. Bandwidth pricing listed above is calculated based on 95% percentile bandwidth usage for the anniversary month preceding your billing cycle plus prepayment of the next month's cycle. All other prices above are based on annual pre-payment. Quarterly prices are higher. All prices below represent a 50% discount based on payment BEFORE the invoice due date. All late invoices will be charged at our standard price which is TWICE the rate listed above. More details are available from your sales representative.



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