Processor, Motherboard and Chipset

Technical Information

Confused by all of the Intel processor types? Need more information on  what SEP, SECC, SECC2, PPGA and FC-PGA means or what the processors look like?

If so, click on the link here:   Processor Identification   Buy one? 

Need the Technical Specifications for Intel Pentium II, Pentium III and Celeron Processors?

You will find that information here:   CPU Technical Specifications

Need to know the voltage requirements for the Intel Pentium III Processor?

You'll find them here:   Pentium III Voltage Requirements

Need sSpec information for the Intel Pentium II Processor? This information includes voltage requirements, heat dissipation, cache sizes, stepping and other valuable information.

If so, then click on this link:   Intel Pentium II sSpec Info

Need an Intel chipset reference and comparative for the Intel Motherboard chipsets such as BX, EX, FX, GX, HX, NX, VX and ZX?

If so, then click on this link:   Intel Motherboard Chipsets

Need some information on the various Intel Motherboards? Then take a look at our Intel Motherboard Reference Comparison.

You can find that information here:  Intel Motherboard Comparison

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